Symbue Creative - a full service creative agency. Specialist in producing ecommerce sites that deliver results. Usability and search engine optimisation are core areas that Symbue has experience in delivering results for. Symbue Creative will produce results, costs are very competitive allowing your marketing budget to deliver more. Graham Gagan, Creative Director at Symbue Creative has more than 20 years experience in print, multimedia and online services. Graham's passion for good design brings a depth of creative thought and strategic thinking that will both surprise and impress you.

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Symbue creates beautiful, bespoke web sites built around your specific requirements. Powered by our proprietary software, we put you in control of your content, allowing you to update your web site content from any PC day or night without incurring maintenance fees.

Tasc is a powerful web site management tool. Many content management systems are inflexible and unfortunately have steep learning curves which costs you time and money. The realty is that a business wants a great looking, dynamic web site that allows it's employees to update content simply and quickly.

Web sites built by Symbue come with a version of Tasc as standard allowing you to edit your web site content from the day its launched.

Symbue can also integrate Tasc into an existing web site giving you the same benefits without any of the ongoing agency fees.

Tasc is simple to use, as simple as using a word processing package and it comes with free email support. Editing content is simple, in no time at all you will find yourself creating new pages.

Adding images to your web site does not require any knowledge of FTP, just browse to an image on your PC click on it and hit the upload button. Once the image has been stored on your server simply add it to your page.

Adding documents just like adding images you can upload and link to documents.

Creating new web pages, as your needs grow you can add extra pages to your web site without involving Symbue (unless you want to). As part of the web design and build service Symbue creates editorial pages (content templates), these form the framework that all other pages in the site use. Simply choose choose one of these page types give it a file name and its added to your web site For your convenience sample text and images are added to the page allowing you to go in straight away and type over the text with your new content. The whole process is simple and intuitive.

Advanced code, adding javascript to your pages or even extending the page style is possible. Tasc allows you to add HTML code directly to your pages allowing greater flexibility.

Adding new page types, you may find later that additional functionality or page styles are required, expanding your site will never be a problem for Symbue.

tasc a jargon-free, easy-to-use web solution, developed for business, designed for simplicity... If you can use a word processor then tasc will make your website a reality take back control.

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