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Key words, relevance or popularity

A lack of targeted keywords equals lack of traffic

Keywords and Key Phrases that have been chosen strategically for your website can have a significant effect on your search page position. There is little value selecting a keyword or phrase that has high relevancy if it's never searched on. On the other hand if a word is popular in search but has little relevancy to your site then you can expect your bounce rate to be high. Striking a keyword key phrase balance between popularity and relevance is somewhat of an art.

How to achieve succes

  1. Think about your audience who is your primary target. Your audience is out there looking for you, they just don't know that yet. You need to become that person, adopt that persona. The key thing to remember is search engines are not intelligent, they just absorb everything the web has to offer. Search engines need your help, identifying the key words prospective shoppers may use. You need to know what that user is shopping for before you can deliver your pages brimming full of tantilizing offers and information.

    Pre planning really pays off here, doing a bit of basic research and usability will pay dividends defining what is really going on inside the mind of your customer. Trying to do this on your own will most likely not yield the results you hoped for. Symbue has found that card sorting (a basic usability technique) will help you discover how your audience classifies and thinks about your product. Call Graham Gagan and find out how Symbue's approach can refine your keywords and increase web traffic.
  2. Using free keyword tools such as Google's "Keyword Tool" can generate potential keywords for you. In addition you can measure their use in search and identify seasonal trends.
  3. Having identified the correct keywords and phrases you now need to incorporate these into your website. Writing specific content rich pages that incorporate your keywords is a great start to attracting search traffic, however keyword density and position will also need to be considered.
  4. Keywords and phrases should be added into the meta data for each page. It's true that Google does not weight meta as highly as it once did but other search engines still do and Google will use the page description in its search results, if none is given it will use its own.
  5. There is no doubt that if you place well researched keywords and phrases into your websites content and meta data you will attract more traffic through organic search. It's also gives a better user experience, user will more easily find what they are looking for. High rankings, increased traffic and better usability are some of the benefits Symbue can deliver for your website.
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