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Email campaigns

Maximise on open rates and click throughs, in reality what's really the measure of success?

Email as a communication medium has matured and successful marketeers are now looking at individual customer response. What's really important is how often a user clicks on your email campaigns measured across a year or even a quarter. Discerning what that illusive trigger is will give you invaluable insight into the effectiveness of future campaings. Join this up to your direct marketing campaigns and you will get an even better picture.

The key to email success, naturaly emails should be treated differently than web or direct marketing campaigns but it's surprising how many agencies forget that.

  1. Its about text content (not images), there is no point using the latest product photography at the top of an email campaign hoping to get clicks, almost certainly it won't be seen by the recipient (unless they've added you to their address book). The cardinal rule here is whatever you have as an image should be represented in the text. If it contains an important message then ensure the text appears in the first few lines of the welcome message.
  2. Long emails should not necessarily be avoided, sure on a website we want our core message above the fold and we do on emails but page length on an email should not be a limiting factor. From analytical studies Symbue has noticed clicks at the base of emails are just as popular. Our studies have concluded that people do scan emails top to bottom in fact the footer of an email can be just as powerfull as your catchy opening headline.
  3. Don't hide your opt out link, make it obvious. If a user doesn't want your emails burying the link in small text isn't going to win you friends. Make sure it's really obvious and easy to use, it's much better they remove themselves from your list than you being flagged as an email spammer in Hotmail or Yahoo.
  4. Seperate email types, It's better to have a sales focussed email and another newsletter than to combine the two types. At Symbue, like most agencies we used to think combining the two types into one email was better. When you look at the stats the numbers tell a different story. People like to know what they are getting upfront, so if it's your best priced items in an email sing about it, people who are interested in your products will read you emails with interest. The ones who are not interested in your offers will most likely unsubscribe. An unsubscribe is a lost opportunity, you have most likely irritated the person and they won't opt in again. If however you had a ezine which was not sales focussed and it was carefully crafted the user may stay subscribed to that allowing more subtle selling opportunities to be tested.
  5. Event triggered emails, abandoned shopping carts or first purchases... after all its about personalisation.
  6. Multi-messages, if a user clicks on an email link but fails to buy, follow up the lead in a few days with another similar offering.
  7. Navigation and branding, be consistent with your website
  8. Forward to a friend, only 25% of marketeers use this but if it's a great offer then people will want to share it with friends and family, here's an opportunity to grow your database.
  9. Link to a web version, people don't know why images aren't displaying in their email. Users will clcik a link if they are interested in your communication. Symbue has noticed a sharp rise in the populaity of users clicking this type of link. A web version can be more sophisticated too, personalisation, site search, forms etc.
  10. Provide an email address for feedback, someone who takes the time to communicate is worth listening to.
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